About Me

A photo of AdamMy name is Adam Iaizzi (he/him/his). I am currently a AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow with the Department of Energy Office of High Energy Physics. I also serve as Chair-Elect on the Executive Board of the APS Forum for Early Career Scientists (FECS) and on the APS Committee for Careers and Professional Development. I am currently residing in Taiwan under the Gold Card program.

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PhD in Physics, Boston University (January 2018)
MA in Physics, Boston University (2014)
BS in Physics, summa cum laude, Ithaca College (2011)

I have a PhD in computational condensed matter physics from Boston University. My dissertation was supervised by Anders Sandvik, focusing on the effects of external magnetic fields in quantum antiferromagnets using quantum Monte Carlo methods. After my PhD, I worked as a postdoc in Ying-Jer Kao‘s group at National Taiwan University.

Research Interests

My primary interest is in exotic phase transitions and quantum many-body states, with a focus on magnetic fields as a probe for understanding fundamental quantum physics (such as deconfined quantum criticality). I am also interested in classical statistical physics, including conventional applications, like frozen dynamics of the Ising model, and more unusual applications, such as the motion of public transportation vehicles.

Highlighted virtual session from the 2020 APS March Meeting:

FECS Session on Diversity, Wellness and Inclusion in Physics