Paper published: BEC of deconfined spinons in 2D

Yesterday, while I was flying home from the (sadly cancelled) March Meeting, my paper, “Bose-Einstein condensation of deconfined spinons in two dimensions” appeared online in Physical Review B. (paywall, free pdf here).

This paper was the last piece of my dissertation research that hadn’t been published as a separate journal article. Chapter 4 of my dissertation has many of these findings, but since then I’ve collaborated with Harley Scammell and Oleg Sushkov (authors of an earlier paper predicting anomalous temperature scaling in a spinon BEC) to write a totally new paper combining my numerical work with an expansion of their previous theoretical work to describe field-induced spinons in both a BEC and a gas.

If you’re interested in a view-from-10,000ft summary of this paper, take a look at my previous post from when I posted it to arXiv.

Thanks so much to my collaborators: Anders, Harley and Oleg! I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished here!


After bragging about my new paper, I will have a dessert of humble pie. In a post from January, I lamented that PRB required footnotes to be included at the end of the article with the citations. I ran into one of the editors of PRB at the APS Annual Leadership Meeting and lobbied him to allow separate footnotes. To my surprise, he told me that separate footnotes were already allowed, and indeed, the paper I published yesterday in PRB includes separate footnotes. I am both happy, and a bit embarrassed. My only defense is that this policy change does not appear to be documented anywhere by PRB. 🤷

2 thoughts on “Paper published: BEC of deconfined spinons in 2D

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