Book Review: A Guide to Writing for Scientists

Title: A Guide to Writing for Scientists: How to write more easily and effectively throughout your scientific career

cover of book

Author: Stephen B. Heard

Heard has produced an excellent guide to scientific writing that despite its 300 pages, is a pleasure to read. He addresses a huge array of issues that affect scientific writing and manages to do so in a manner that seems to apply well to all scientific writing. Given the gap between Heard’s field and my own, I would say that is a notable accomplishment. In addition to style, peer review, and other issues, Heard offers excellent advice on the process of writing and how one can become a more productive writer.

I highly recommend this book to any scientist. This is a great book to read a little as a time as you sit down to write you next paper. English as an additional language scientists may be especially interested in the chapter on writing in English for non-native speakers.

Find it on: Goodreads, or Amazon

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