Seminar at CSRC

Rubem Mondaini was kind enough to invite to visit his group and give a seminar at the Computational Science Research Center–Beijing. My talk, “Accessing Quantum Criticality with Magnetic Field Effects: Metamagnetism and Deconfinement” covered all of my work on the J-Q model, the saturation transitions in 1D and 2D (metamagnetism and zero-scale-factor universality) up to the latest updates on my work with Harley Scammell and Oleg Sushkov studying thermodynamics of field-induced spinons at the deconfined quantum critical point in the 2D J-Q model. I got some great feedback that will help me put the finishing touches on my manuscript.

After the seminar I had chance to meet with Rubem’s students and postdocs, Chen Cheng, Sabyasachi Tarat and Can Shao and learn about the fascinating things they are working on. After that, a delicious dinner!

I didn’t remember to get a picture of me at my talk, but I did get a photo of all of us out to dinner. I hope to be back to CSRC soon!

Photo from dinner
Dinner with (from left to right) me, Can Shao, Nvsen Ma, Chen Cheng, Rubem Mondaini and Sabyasachi Tarat.

Title: Accessing Quantum Criticality with Magnetic Field Effects: Metamagnetism and Deconfinement

Abstract: Simple models of interacting quantum spins (like the Heisenberg model) are remarkable tools for understanding strong quantum fluctuations, but relatively few studies have considered the effects of external magnetic fields on these systems. I investigate the influence of magnetic fields in the J-Q model, an antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model with an added 4-spin interaction (Q). This model is known to harbor a direct, continuous phase transition between the Néel state and a valence-bond solid. This transition is believed to be an example of deconfined quantum criticality, where the excitations are exotic fractionalized particles known as spinons (S=1/2 bosons). We study the thermodynamics of the excitations and find direct evidence that they are indeed fractional. Separately, we also find that the four-spin term changes the nature of the saturation transition from “zero-scale-factor” universality to metamagnetism (magnetization jumps).

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