Join the new APS Forum on Diversity and Inclusion!

APS has a new forum dedicated to diversity and inclusion (announcement). This has been in the works for a while, but it’s finally approved and ready to join (for free for APS members). Join now to get in on the ground floor! Below I am copying the email I received with more details and signup instructions (sorry if the formatting is weird).

The Forum on Diversity and Inclusion (FDI) has officially been approved by APS Council as a unit.
If you would like to be among the founding members of FDI, please add the Forum to your online renewal notice or upcoming print or you may add it through your Member Profile. As a reminder, Forums are free to join!

Once signed into your profile, click on “Manage My Units”, select “Diversity and Inclusion (FDI)”, and “Add to cart.” (Adam’s note: I believe you then have to checkout, but that button can be a bit hard to find).
  Sign up for FDI

The objective of the Forum on Diversity and Inclusion is to support the mission of the APS by:
-Working to ensure that all physicists, particularly those from historically or currently marginalized or underrepresented backgrounds or identities, will be fully included and have the opportunity to thrive within the physics community
-Emphasizing, educating, and publicizing the important role of APS members and leadership in diversifying physics
  -Engaging stakeholders to initiate opportunities and support efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in physics FDI will encourage aligned APS Units to partner with the larger APS membership to further coordinate and advance the Unit’s work.

After signing up for FDI, you will receive updates about the forum’s programs, events and news via email. View our privacy policy.

If you have any questions on how to join or you are an APS Life Member, please contact

Thank you,

Holly Croft
APS Unit Engagement Coordinator

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