Session G38: Topics in Diversity, Wellness and Inclusion for Early Career Scientists

A career in physics is hard, and it can be even harder when the playing field is tilted against you. This session explores the challenges faced by women physicists, LGBT+ physicists as well as physicists living with mental illness and asks the question: how can we make our community more inclusive?

This invited session was originally schedule to take place live at the March meeting (see Bulletin here), but it will now be hosted online using using the service Bluejeans. This session is sponsored by FECS: the APS Forum for Early Career Scientists, an APS unit devoted to supporting early-career scientists such as postdocs and junior faculty.

Update (2020-03-13): The livesteam was a big success! We had more than 50 people watching live. The talks were recorded and there will be links below to where you can watch each talk. Some of the talks are posted on Virtual March Meeting, others are currently hosted on YouTube. The remaining talks will be posted as the become available. A huge thank you to all the speakers and especially Andrea for putting together the virtual session!


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The poster for this session is also available as a PDF.

March Meeting session on Diversity, Wellness and Inclusion will be livestreamed on bluejeans #virtualMarchMeeting #apsMarch #FECS


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