APS Signal Boost: lots of updates

I always look forward to the APS Office of Government Affairs’ monthly Signal Boost video. This month’s update was full of great stuff!

  • 3,000 APS members wrote letters to congress drawing attention to the APS President’s COVID-19 response letter. They reached 270 House offices and 98 Senators! (It’s not too late for you to write congress too!)
  • The CARES act includes $6 billion for student relief. Universities/colleges are responsible to dispersing the funds, so get in touch with your university.
  • APS is working with industrial partners to arrange temporary employment opportunities for physicists. More information on the APS jobs page.
  • The US State Department has confirmed to APS that student visas will be prioritized when nonimmigrant visa processing restarts.
  • More updates on the work to save the National Helium Reserve.

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